Hello and Welcome!

Hello and thank you for visiting my page. I am an abstract expressionist artist. I grew up in India and lived in France before moving to Canada. My work is bold, vibrant and complex at times. Creating art is my raison d’être; my inner calling. It reflects my love for colours, my joie de vivre and the multi-cultural influences that I have subconsciously absorbed so far. It is my language to communicate with the world and it reveals the essence of who I am.

Making an artwork is both, adventurous and meditative at the same time
in my experience. I attempt to drop the filters of my mind, allowing
inner creativity to find form. I use the present moment to feel
connected to the source energy as I allow spontaneity to lead me and let
the mystery unravel on the canvas. I use a combination of colours,
motifs, textures and mark making in the process.